As a subsidiary of CHEMWILL Asia co.Ltd(www.chemwill.com), Shanghai Pharmarketech Co.,Ltd. established in early 1980s,is a comprehensive GMP-licenced pharmaceutical manufacturer specialized in the research, development and manufacturing of Generic APIs and Catalogued Compounds including:

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient;
Veterinary Drug Materials;
Novel Drug intermediate;
Boronic Acid chemicals; 
Precious Metal catalyst;

For 28 years experience,Shanghai Pharmarketech are also famous for Custom Synthesis and Scale-up manufacture due to our high-quality Contract R&D Service and corresponding industrial production to multinational pharmaceutical enterprises in Europe, USA, South Africa, etc.,.We own the separate analytical equipment including H-NMR,GC,HPLC,GC-MS,LC-MS and etc.We believe the key to success in Pharmaceutical and Fine chemical manufacturing is delivering high quality products at the best price possible, on time, every time!